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My Journey 

I stumbled into the world of administration through a work-study program in college. Unsure of my career path, I found myself diving deeper into administrative roles, steadily climbing the corporate ladder, and gaining valuable experience along the way. Despite this progression, I felt unfulfilled. This realization led me to pivot away from the corporate world and toward partnering with purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

With a background in Fortune 500 companies, I’ve honed the ability to remain composed amidst chaos, work efficiently, think strategically, manage cross-functional projects, pivot quickly, and craft creative solutions. I possess the skills and knowledge to drive outcomes and support heart-led leaders like you.

I bring a wealth of expertise to the table, dedicated to achieving tangible results and fostering partnerships with visionary leaders. My approach is grounded in listening to your needs, understanding your goals, valuing different viewpoints, and creating tailored solutions. This, combined with my attention to detail, organizational expertise, and a holistic view of the big picture, defines how I work. I CAN HELP YOU DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE, AND DO IT BETTER.

a bit more about me

Career Highlight: Project assistant on the Snowmastodon Fossil Dig

Likes: Cooking, reading, scuba diving

Dislikes: Unnecessary fire drills, drama, spiders

Personal Mantra: Everything happens for a reason

Myers Briggs: INFJ-A 

Enneagram: Type 1 with Wing 2. 

Kolbe Index A: 8-6-2-4

StrengthsFinder: Input, Connectedness, Strategic, Relator, Responsibility

What’s Important to me


Being honest, respectful, trustworthy, and dependable


When my work contributes to something bigger than myself


The feeling of excitement that comes from a new and creative idea


Taking responsibility for my actions


Focusing on the good and being thankful for everything I have

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